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Fast Fresh n' Tasty!

We are proud to provide our instant and authentic Lao papaya salad sauce in spice levels mild, medium and hot. Our sauce contains a great balance between sweet, sour, and spiciness that you would absolutely love in every mouthwatering bite.

Just add our sauce to anything you want to thum, toss in sliced tomatoes, mash thoroughly for 10-15 seconds then BAM! You're done!

For a convenient and tasty way to make papaya salad, Ninja Foods is here for you. The same great taste every time. Guaranteed. SAP ELEE!



papaya salad is life!

Located in Springdale, Arkansas, we are Ninja Foods, a manufacturer of authentic, instant thum sauce, also known as papaya salad sauce, founded by Alex Sirivath and Khamla Sirivath on August 13, 2015. Ninja Foods is the first nationally branded instant papaya salad sauce in the US market. 


Our papaya salad sauce can be used on EVERYTHING; hence, the hashtag #thumanything aka #ຕຳຫຍັງກະໄດ້.  What better way to keep Laos alive than to share one of the most popular staple dishes of Laos with the mainstream.  Our sauce is crafted for: 


  • Busy working families strapped for time

  • People who do not have easy access to necessary ingredients

  • College students living far from home

  • Military personnel on deployment

  • Beach getaways

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Or anyone who loves papaya salad!

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